CFA Running Events

Club Fearless Adventurers

CFA Kids is a fledging running event series for young kids, from 5 years old and up.

Our events require parent participation: you are responsible for the safety of your children at all times.

CFA Kids is a community outreach effort for CFA: club membership and event participation is free for anyone under 18 years old, and the Club covers expenses to run the events.

This is still a new endeavour for our Club, so we're keeping events small as we experiment with event formats, distances, prizes, etc.

Joining the Club

Each participant must be registered with the Club by a legal guardian.

Please use the Join form to register your child with the club (using their name).

Signing up for CFA Kids events

To register for a specific CFA Kids event, please contact the Event Host directly (go to the Events Calendarlaunch, select a CFA Kids event, comment on the event page or contact the host via Facebook Messenger to let them know). This is a bit clunky, we know! We'll have a better system in the future.

Or send us an email: Contact Us.

Email Newsletter

Register for our email Newsletter about Kids eventslaunch

Curious about the name of the umbrella club?

The "Club Fat Ass" name has a long and respectable history (see History of the Club), but for our little ones, we like to call it "Club Fearless Adventurers".