Here are some common questions about the Club and how to enjoy your membership…

Start Line

Is this Club for me?

Club Fat Ass is different from other running clubs.  We want to be inclusive, but the fact is, we are a bit exclusive!  Please take a few moments to become familiar with the Club and the Club Creed before you check out the options for membership.

Membership options

Outdoorsy folks like you come from a wide range of experience levels and abilities.  At Club Fat Ass, we try hard to be welcoming, nurturing and most importantly, fun.  To that end, the Club offers two (2) classes of membership:

Supporting Member

  • anyone who supports the vision of “Free events for active people”
  • access to the Online Clubhouse where members share adventures, talk shop and engage with others in the “tribe” when not actually doing stuff together in the great outdoors
  • access to the Club Leaderboard so you can keep track of who is doing what in the Club Point Series
  • $0 annual membership dues

Participating Member

  • all of the benefits of a Supporting Member plus…
  • free access to all Club events
  • participation in the Club Point Series (lots of friendly competition and great prizes)
  • $25 annual membership dues
What’s the Club Point Series?

It’s the way you keep track of your accomplishments at Club Events.

Challenge yourself to come out to new Club events, discover new trails and enjoy doing what you love with like-minded people.  Earn bragging rights!

‘Have a bit of a competitive streak?  The Point Series helps you keep track of the accomplishments of fellow Participating members.

Not that you’d be motivated by loot, but Point Series participants can win valuable prizes!

Learn how the Point Series works. 

What’s the Leaderboard?

It’s where you will find detailed statistics about the Club Point Series. What was the most recent Club Event?  Who participated?  How many points did they earn?  What’s my ranking in the Point Series today?

Check out the Club Leaderboard

What’s the Online Clubhouse?

It’s the place where members share adventures and accomplishments, talk shop and engage with others in the “tribe” when we’re not actually doing stuff together in the outdoors.  From the technical perspective, the Online Clubhouse is a Facebook Group that is exclusive to Club members.


What’s a Club Event?

Great question!  Club Events usually involve moving in the outdoors with like-minded people.  Occasionally, they are educational (how-to) or entertaining (slide show/movie.)  Most Club Fat Ass Events are trail runs.

All CFA Events are free to Participating members.  They can be long distance or short, but they are always inclusive. For example, a trail running event may offer a 100-mile distance, but you’re encouraged to participate even if you only want to run 10K or walk 5K. 

All Club Events have a low to net positive environmental impact.  Download course directions or better yet, run with a new friend who knows the course.  Pick up trash and earn points in the Club Point Series.  Generally speaking, Club Events have a small number of participants thus encouraging members to get to know one another.

CFA Events are less formal than typical organized events.  Don’t expect course marking, race marshals, first aid, finisher medals, a t-shirt or any of the other stuff you’d usually get if you pay for a professionally-managed event.

Who puts on Club Events?

Club Fat Ass Events are hosted by Participating Members of the Club for fellow Participating Members.  

Can any Club member host an event?

Yes…  and we hope they will!

Event Hosts are the heart and soul of Club Fat Ass.  They share their passion and take the initiative to put on the events that all Club members appreciate and enjoy.  Without them, there would be no Club.

As a way to say “Thank you!” for their contributions, Event Hosts get their Participating Membership for free.  (A savings of $25 each year they host an event.)   As well, Event Hosts get an invitation to the annual year end Club VIP party.

It pays to be a leader in the Club Fat Ass community! 

Why go to the trouble of hosting an event?

Let’s face it, it’s way easier to take than to give.  Hosting an event does involve some hassle.  Most Event Hosts, however, will tell you that the rewards far outweigh the investment. 

You’ve likely wanted to to do something like this for a long time.  Take the plunge.  The Club makes it easy.  Learn about project management, marketing and promotions.  Hone your people and leadership skills. Earn recognition for being a mover and a shaker in the community.

How do I put on an event?

It’s easy… come up with an idea for an event, share it on the Club Event Calendar and tell your friends!

You can find detailed instructions on how to put an event in the calendar in our How to Host an Event with Club Fat Ass manual.  Better yet, we’ll introduce you to a senior Club member to help answer your questions and coach you on best practises so your first Club Event is awesomely successful.

Please Contact us to get the ball rolling!

What’s the difference between a “Fat Ass” and a “Club Fat Ass” event?

The term “Fat Ass” as it applies to running events was coined by Joe Oakes in 1978 to mean “no t-shirt, no aid, no wimps.” Several community-minded folks around the world host “Fat Ass” events. “Club Fat Ass” aims to help more folks host free “Fat Ass” events by introducing standards for quality and expectations and by making it easy to find Fat Ass events.

What’s a Partner Event?

A Partner Event generally qualifies as a CFA Event, but it is not hosted by a Participating Member of CFA.


  • Free to Participating Members of CFA


  • Partner manages registration. (You can’t just say “Going” on the CFA event page.)
  • Partner may invite their friends or members to participate. (Not exclusive to Participating Members of CFA)
How do I know the route in a Club Event?

Great question!  If there are no flags or flour or race marshals, how does one know where to go in a Club Event?

Options include following someone who knows the route or downloading GPX files to your phone.  In all cases, it is best to ask the person who is hosting the event (your Event Host).

Thanks to Steering Committee member, Sean Lavin, you can find many useful downloads and resources on the table of events.

How do I find a Club Event?

All Club Events are showcased in the Events calendar in the Online Clubhouse on Facebook.  


Can I get a Club t-shirt?

Possibly.  The Club Fat Ass t-shirt is a controversial must-have for anyone who runs!  We have a limited inventory of short-sleeved black and blue technical t-shirts for only $25.

Can I do anything to help manage the Club?

You bet!  We have a very long list of tasks that we’d love to get done, but there are never enough people to do them.  As well, there are always ways to improve the way we do things. Maybe you see a problem and can offer a solution?

Either way, please contact us to discuss!

What happened to the old Club Fat Ass website?

It’s still around!  Find all of the event reports, blog posts and other content from back in the day under Archives.

How do I best share my photos and videos?

The Online Clubhouse (our Facebook Group) is the best place to share race reports and other adventures.

Facebook Uploading Specifics

  • Log into the Online Clubhouse
  • Decide where you want to share your photo/video.
    • If you share on the main group page, it will be seen by all Club members.
    • If you share on an event page, it will only be seen by people who have indicated they are “going” or “interested” in going to that event.
  • Above the dialog box, click on “Add Photo / Video” and upload from your phone or computer
  • Be sure to identify fellow Club members (tag button) and note the name of the event and location (in location) in the description of the photo.

It seems every time we get this figured-out and documented, however, the technology changes!  Please refer to Facebook’s online help for posting photos/video.

Some of the terms you use are new to me. Please clarify.

In the hope that we might better match the expectations of people who host events and those who participate, we’ve defined some of the terms we use below:

  • CFA Event – an event offered by Club Fat Ass
  • CFA Event Host – person who hosts a Club Fat Ass event
  • Guest – someone who participates in a Club Fat Ass event
  • Aid – what you are unlikely to receive in a Club Fat Ass event
  • Crew – those who may or may not assist with a Club Fat Ass event
  • RP (Reference Point) – a location in an event where a guest might find aid or crew


Still need help? Contact us!