Point Series


What is it?

An annual competition that encourages Club members to play with one another.



  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it fun


Encourage Discourage
  • participating in lots of events, so you get tons of value for your Club membership
  • signing up for an event and not attending it, which causes grief for your Event Host
  • register early for events, so your Event Host can better prepare any aid or post-event party
  • signing up at the last minute, which makes it hard for your Event Host to plan for a successful event
  • demonstrate good sportsperson-like behavior during an event, so everyone has fun
  • ripping your fellow Club member’s lungs out in heated competition and leaving them to die a miserable death by the trail
  • help Event Hosts and your fellow members in some way if you don’t participate in an event
  • littering, trail marking or other activities that leave an impact on the environment
  • make suggestions on how Event Hosts might improve their events
  • whining and complaining to Event Hosts, which may discourage them from wanting to bother hosting a Club event in the future
  • hosting events.  Organizing and hosting events that benefit all Club members
  • helping to manage the Club.  Volunteering a few hours in the year to serve on the Steering Committee or help with special projects

Prizes and Incentives

Each year, the Club honors exceptional achievement on the part of its members.  The following categories are acknowledged:

  • Top of the Heap Dawg.  (Most overall points in the Club Point Series)
  • Longest Day.  (Most overall time on the trails in all events)
  • Best “One Hit Wonder”.  (Most points in a single event)
  • Sweat Equity.  (Most running points / overall points)
  • Camaraderie.  (Best sportsperson)
  • Most navigationally-challenged.  (Gets lost the most consistently)
  • Mid-Year Masochist.  (Top in the Club Point Series in June)
  • Jam tart.  (Most sign-ups without show-ups)  Note:  You don’t want to win this!


  • if there is a tie, we will figure out a fair way to allocate the prizes we have
  • there may be more prizes if we can find sponsors  (hint:  help us find prizes and win points!)
  • prizes to be awarded at the Beer Run (June) and the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50 finisher party on 1 January

How is the Series Managed?

The points allocated at an event are managed by the Event Host.  Overall scores are managed by the Points Wizard.

Event Host Role

  • Manage participant list.  Who started?  How far and how long did they run?  Extra points they earned.
  • Reconcile sign-ups and show-ups.  This is based on Facebook event page registration (Member says they are “Going”)
  • Award or subtract points based on event participation.  Determine who gets points and who loses them.  This includes recognizing positive stuff (helping fellow runners, helping with the event) as well as negative (whining, complaining or otherwise being gnarly)
  • Post results on event Facebook page
  • Wrap-up and set-up event for the following year (if applicable)

Points Wizard Role

  • Maintain ongoing points tally
  • Review event wrap-up with Event Host
  • Answer questions about Point Series
  • Recommend rule changes to Steering Committee

Chief Executive Fat Ass and Steering Committee Role

  • Decide on rule changes and/or disputes



Activity Points
Event Participation:    (Determined by Event Host)
– Participate in a Club Fat Ass event  +1
– Register for an Event two (2) or more days in advance +1
– Sign-up and not show-up -1
Bonus points on the day of the run:   (Determined by Event Host)
Time in the Great Outdoors.  For each hour of running/walking and being out there during an event. These points are intended to recognize the slower folks and those who run a long way.  Points are determined from finish results.    (0-29 mins = 0 points.  30-59 mins = 0.5 points). Swimming events count double, cycling events count for half.  Note:  Participants have seven (7) days to get times/distances to Event Host in order to get these points! +0.5
Exceptional conduct during the run (as determined by Event Host)
– Positive points: Being environmentally conscious, volunteering and otherwise being a good member of the community (i.e. picking up garbage on the trail, helping a lost lamb, tending to the wounded, etc)
– Negative points: Causing grief for an Event Host
Event Hosting:    (Need to request points from Point Wizard)
– Host a scheduled Event +2
– Host a weekly run group, a challenge contest, etc. that doesn’t count for Point Series +1
General:    (Need to request points from Point Wizard)  
– Submit a photo of you in your CFA shirt participating in a non-CFA event on Facebook +1
– Serve on the Club Steering Committee +2
– Manage a special project for the Steering Committee +1
– Make a donation to the Club +1
– Introduce a new sponsor to the Club +1
– Introduce a new member to the Club +0.5


What are the current Point Series standings?

  • Please click on “Leaderboard” on the top menu to see current standings.


How do you define “Participation” in a Club Event?

  • Participation means you either host and/or participate in an event
  • An Event Host gets two (2) points right off the top.  This recognizes the extra investment of time an Event Host contributes in order to put on the event.  Yes, this can be split if there are multiple hosts.
  • A participant can earn up to two (2) participation points per event.  If you participate in the event, you get one (1) point. If you sign up at least one (1) day before the event, you get one (1) extra point for being proactive, as this helps the Event Host
  • DNF (Did Not Finish) qualifies as participation because you registered and started in the event.
  • the Event Host does have some discretion when it comes to allocating participation points. They can award up to two (2) points to anyone who helps them host a better event (e.g. write a news release, helping with registration, results, setting up an aid station, etc.)  This activity should be noted in the results so all participants know the specifics

Who keeps track of the points I get at an Event?

  • Your Event Host determines how points are allocated at their event.
  • It is up to you to review your time, distance and points to make sure they are accurate and you agree with them.  You have up to seven (7) days to do this.

Can I dispute the points I was given?

  • Yes.  You have seven (7) days to do so from the time your Event Host posts the results/points on the Club Facebook page.
  • if you don’t clarify your time or distance within 7 days, you will not receive points for being in the great outdoors (in other words, you will only get points for participating, not for time in the Great Outdoors)

Who keeps track of Point Series standings?

  • The Points Wizard takes the points from each event and uses them to update the overall standing

Who is this mysterious Points Wizard?

  • as of 1 January 2020, the Points Wizard is Steering Committee member, ultramarathoner and all’round nice guy:  Frank Wimberley

Can I lose points?

  • Yes!
  • The easiest way to lose Club points is to sign-up for a Club event on Facebook and not show-up:  this will cost you one (-1) point.   Imagine hosting a nice dinner party and your guests don’t show up.  It takes a lot of time and love to host a free event.  Please show your host the respect they deserve by letting them know if you are coming.
  • You can also lose up to one (-1) point for being gnarly at an event.  The Event Host and participants decide this.  Thankfully, this point has never been awarded.
  • It’s also considered bad form to “bandit” a Club fundraising event:  this won’t cost you points, as your results won’t be recorded.  However, it will earn you special recognition as a bandit.

Can I earn extra points?

  • Yes!
  • +2 – Serve on the Steering Committee.   There are 3-5 meetings/year.  We ask for a 2 year commitment.  If interested, contact us for details.
  • +2 – Host an Event.  If interested, just contact us with your thoughts and we’ll help you set it up.
  • +1 – Manage a special project.  Lots of room to use your imagination here:  fix a technology problem, bring a sponsor onboard… anything you do to make the Club better!  If interested, contact us to discuss.
  • +1 – Make a donation.  Yes, you can buy points… but only two (2) per year.
  • +1 – Promote the Club by wearing the Club colors at other events and sharing your selfies on social media. If you need a t-shirt, get one here.
  • +0.5 – Promote the Club by introducing it to your friends. They complete the join form and mention you.  How easy is that!

Previous Winners


Year Winner Prize Sponsor
2019 Colin Hendry running shoes Kintec Footlabs / Montrail
2018 Wing Taylor running shoes Kintec Footlabs / Montrail
2017 Sean Lavin running shoes Kintec Footlabs / Montrail
2016 Dikesh Khatri
Meg Peters (swim)
running shoes
running shoes
Kintec Footlabs / Montrail
2015 Desmond Mott running shoes Kintec Footlabs / Montrail
2014 No points contest None None
2013 Points to October 2013 only None None
2012 Craig Moore 2013 Membership None
2011 Desmond Mott Montrail trail running shoes Kintec Footlabs / Montrail
2010 A tie between Reagan White and Jess Dagg Salomon trail running shoes Kintec Footlabs / Solomon Sports
2009 Craig Moore Running shoes Kintec Footlabs
2008 Desmond Mott, Bill Dagg, Jess Dagg Running shoes, Goodie Bag Kintec Footlabs, Axis Gear
2007 Desmond Mott Gift certificate for a pair of running shoes Kintec Footlabs
2006 Baldwin Lee, Desmond Mott, Bill Dagg Coveted Hoodie, Skookum waterbottle, Track jacket North Shore Athletics
2005 Craig Moore Coveted Hoodie, 2006 membership North Shore Athletics

‘Have a question or a recommendation regarding the Club Point Series?  Please contact us!