“Piggie” is Club Fat Ass’s mascot.

Piggie is front-and-center in our Club logo.  Piggie represents typical Club members:  folks who are motivated by each other to get off their duffs and do something active with their pals (like go for a run on the trails). The idea came from Alan Firth, who designed a t-shirt with a pig on it in the 1980s for a fat ass run in the eastern United States.  Our logo was created in 2005 by Ullrich Schade of NextPhase Strategy, a  marketing and branding company in Vancouver, Canada.

The brass Piggie is a bit bigger than a loaf of bread and weighs a tonne!  (Well, figuratively, anyway.  Odds are, you don’t want him hanging-off your hydration pack on a long trail run.)

Piggie’s early years are unclear.  As the slot in his upper back and the rubber plug in his belly can attest, he entered this world as a piggy bank.  We’re not sure of his/her gender, as there are no visible indicators.  (For the sake of argument, we assume that Piggie was, at one time, a he.)

On 13 June 2009, the day of the 7th annual Vancouver Skyline XTC run, he was spotted at a garage sale and saved from obscurity by a vigilant Ean Jackson for the princely sum of $2.00.  Piggie promptly proved his worth by being served a free beer post-run as an “official” finisher of the XTC… a beer Piggie generously shared with the table.

While he’s not much of a runner, Piggie is a publicity hog.  Since the 2009 XTC, he has been present at many Club Fat Ass events… especially where there are free beer and food.  He’s also been spotted in an increasingly large number of traveling t-shirt contest photos with pretty girls.  His movements are tracked by vigilant Porker spotters and shared in the Online Clubhouse..

If you’d like to book Piggie for your CFA event, your wedding or any other important occasion, just Contact us!