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You’ve seen it around the world at ultra-marathons and trail races. You’ve seen it in the media. You’ve seen it at the pub… and you’ve probably seen it on the person running in front of you!

  • Short-sleeve T-shirts are available in the following colors: Baltic blue, bright orange and trusty old black
  • The following sizes and colors are currently in stock:
    • blue: men’s large
    • black: men’s large
    • orange: women’s small and medium
  • Technical fabric: The blue and black shirts are made of 3.7oz. 100% polyester microfibre, micro-waffle, mini-mesh fabric for moisture-wicking. The orange women’s shirts are made of no-stink chitosante fabric and designed, sewed and screened in Vancouver, Canada.
  • On the front: The Club Fat Ass porker logo. Subtle and informative, enough to turn heads and prompt the question, “What’s Club Fat Ass?” from the cashier in the grocery store checkout line.
  • On the back: Assertive. Edgy, perhaps, but usually true. “I may be a fat ass, but I’m in front of you!” It answers the question, “What is Club Fat Ass”, but barely. The cashier checks out your butt.
  • Cost per shirt is $25 plus shipping of $8 ($33.00) in Canadian funds. (Sorry, no pickups.)
Order a Shirt

Given that our friends at the Sweaty-Yeti Ultras have a great online store already, why re-invent the wheel?  To get your t-shirt, please click on the logo: