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The Creed

Like many elite organizations, Club Fat Ass has a unique culture and code of conduct. In lieu of an elaborate hazing ceremony, by joining the Club, all members agree to the following:

  • No Fee. I understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch. I agree to not whine about how a free CFA Event is organized and promise to enjoy it for what it is rather than grumble about what it is not. I don’t expect a finisher medal, souvenir t-shirt, draw prizes, a loot bag or any other stuff to take home after I finish a CFA Event other than my dirty laundry and, possibly, some bragging rights.
  • No Aid. I am an experienced endurance athlete so I know how to dress for the weather and to pack what I need to eat and drink. I agree to not whine if I suffer as a result of my screwing up and not being adequately prepared for a CFA Event.
  • No Wimps. I understand that a CFA Event may be physically and mentally demanding. I agree to suck it up and not whine regardless of how tough a CFA Event might be.
  • No Course Marking. I understand that a CFA Event is not marked, that is, there is no surveyor tape, no police escort or traffic management at intersections, no fluorescent pylons or glow sticks… nothing but printed instructions to guide me. I agree to not whine if I get lost because I didn’t read the directions. I also agree to be responsible for the cost of any search and/or rescue if I become lost or suffer a medical problem during a CFA Event.
  • Be Nice to Mother Nature. I understand that a CFA Event is intended to leave no impact on the environment in which it is held. I agree to not litter. I agree that if I can’t find a washroom, I will bury my waste far from the trail. I furthermore agree to consider picking up any litter I might come across during a CFA Event.
  • Be Nice to Your Host. I understand that it is a hassle to host a CFA Event. I understand that CFA Event Hosts are fellow members of Club Fat Ass who probably spent some of their own money and who certainly spend a lot of their time organizing their events out of the goodness of their hearts and the hope that I will have fun participating. I agree to be a good guest at a CFA Event. In particular, that means I will not bring legal action in regard to a CFA Event.
  • Contribute to the Community. I agree to provide constructive feedback to the Event Host after each CFA Event I participate in. I will think about volunteering some of my time to help an Event Host put on an even better event. I agree to think about hosting my own CFA Event.
  • Play by the Rules. I understand that the laws of the land and the rules of the road apply while I participate in a CFA Event. I agree to abide by the rules for any CFA Event in which I participate.
  • Tell your Friends. I understand that Club Fat Ass aims to make the world a better place for endurance sport athletes and needs to get the word out. I agree to let Club Fat Ass or a CFA Event Host use any photo or video taken of me during a CFA Event for promotional purposes. If I find value and enjoyment in belonging to Club Fat Ass, I agree to spread the word to my friends.
  • Release of all Claims. I understand the Club needs to cover it’s ass, so by participating in any Club Fat Ass events I agree with the Release of all Claims.